to fall on your ass while skiing/snowboarding.
Bro, we went snowboarding today, and we saw some guy get buns!
by bzzar. January 09, 2011
an attractive girl with a nice body
those girls are buns
that girl is a bun
by Longbro August 21, 2010
Bun: What Someone in my rotc class started to call anyone doing something stupid, or unnecessary. Or as the creator of the word calls it "A bad word that isnt in the book of bad words"
Student: "Has his shirt buttoned up to tight"
Other student: Dont be a bun , unbutton your shirt!

Example two

Student talking at attention: Yeah so this one girl has such a nice a...
Student trying to shut him up : SHUT UP YOU BUN!
by rotcCadet4lyfe October 21, 2014
A food that is named for no particular reason. Often put on hamburgers for NO REASON!!!!
I like my hamburgers on buns.
by KirbKirb54 November 04, 2013
A Jamaican/West Indian slang to express that someones partner is cheating on them.
1) Yo you know that Mark is getting bun from his girl.
Meaning : You know that Mark's girl is cheating on him.

2) John you are getting bun.
Meaning : John you are being cheated on.

3) Paul's girl is giving him bun with me.
Meaning : Paul's girlfriend is cheating on him with me.

(paul,john and mark are examples and not real people)
by junewalker July 14, 2011
A really exhagerated NO. like you are saying no x45.
Man: Please girl, have sex with me!
Girl: Buns Jack, Buns.
by asrasdrgadfgasertwerqwer234512 December 26, 2009
Girls arse
hey check out her buns
by Johnny_b-2 August 03, 2008

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