Asking someone to repeat what he or she has said.
Waiter: Can I take your order please sir?
Man: Bun?
by jordanbludd March 23, 2009

Butt Ugly Nigger

Unusually ugly african american
Feels like I'm in the dirty south with all these buns around.

Hey B.U.N.!

Look at all these buns at KFC
by Dan Bunsworth March 27, 2011
If you feel bun, this normally means you feel overly embarressed.
*Deno gets cached*

John: You feel bun!!
by jawsworth August 20, 2009
(n) refering to your main girlfriend or significant other. Mainly refered to a female. See:boo

Homeboy: "Yo Jey, you look sad tonight, where's ya buns?"
Stick-man: "Man, she's home on the rag yo!"
Homeboy: "Damn, I guess you ain't fuckin' tonight."
Stick-man: "No doubt!"
one to have a steady relationship with a girl/boyfriend
Used in D.C.
Friend 1: Man, she's got it all, Im goin have to Bun her.

Friend 2: thats whats up
by robert DC November 11, 2008
a cute ass brotha, bangin
oww.. like a that bun over there
by morgan June 30, 2004
1. Somebody who wears jeans that are too tight (bun tight)
2. Something that sucks (it can be said to chaffe your ass like a pair of bun pants)
Aww mamaw, that's so bun.
by Jimmy Flackanater December 17, 2003

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