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(despite these other defintions, booty does not just mean an ass, thats what the word ass is for)
Booty means a perky, rounded ass, usually applied to women and used to describe said ass' high desireability. The ass can be bigger than average but not too big. See also bootay

Note that it doesn't apply to an ass that is just fat or big, for that see fatass or just look at yo momma.
That girl's got a nice booty!
Damn G, check out that fine bootay!
by Anubis July 10, 2005
A main character in the webcomic "Sluggy Freelance"
He's a little white mini-lop with the attitude of a homicidal gangster. Favorite weapon is a switch-blade but also has a gun (where all this is stashed in anyones guess)
He don't take no shit and will cut you like a bitch at the drop of a hat
by Anubis January 04, 2005
a big douche bag that is in the clan zTneL, which is also a bunch of losers.
Dude, stop being an okeenono
by Anubis May 22, 2004
The sound a wet sponge makes when it bounces
"Darn, I dropped my sponge!"
"I know, I heard the sploinge from over here!"
by Anubis March 31, 2003
Faithful minion of Anubis
There stood Anubis in all his glory. Behind him stood Eeeegor, waiting to do his bidding.
by Anubis March 24, 2004
a ghey boi who plays BHD and sux at it
Man you suck at BHD, you're such a cht!
by anubis December 22, 2003
a whole county full of retards. No one knows how a whole county turned out so disfigured and wrong.
eww, he looks like he's from essex
by Anubis March 21, 2004

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