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meaning to sleep with or have sex with. Originated in New York City (Bronx) when buns no longer meant "punk-like, but replaces the word ass.
She called her baby-daddy for some buns, she wasn't tryin' to get back wit him.
by Keebler May 19, 2004
a nickname for a guy with a really hot ass!
Like damn, did you see Buns' buns?!
by deonica April 15, 2008
girl 1-eerrggh that boy is bun
girl 2 - your bun
by ILOVEHARRYPOTTER!!!! January 19, 2012
a type of bread that you eat
Hey!, Don't touch my buns
by mctits March 28, 2003
1. The bread you use for hamburgers.

2. Butts!
1. Can you hand me the buns?

2.Carmen and Emily have nice buns. :D
by Emily F. Hainsworth February 10, 2009
An adjective that can be used to replace words and phrases such as: gay, retarded, pointless, stupid, fucked, pathetic, horrible, sucks, balls, shit etc. It can also be used to describe a person, place or thing.
"Man this homework is fuckin buns!"

"He thinks hes good at snowboarding but hes just buns"

"You can't draw worth shit, that picture is buns"

"The weather is so buns today"

"Your mothers cooking is buns"
by RidinSwitch October 22, 2008
Ignore, forget about, to reject, turn away from.

(London street slang)
1. "Let's take the tube."
"Bun the tube, I want to walk"
by KnightRider99 March 19, 2013