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(n.): A hot, toasted, bread.
(adj.): A phrase used to describe places, peoples, and events that are perceived as lame, silly, or downright unsuitable for existence.
(onomatopoeia): An exclamation used to describe someone's distaste towards an event.
1. Wow, those are some nice, hot buns.
2. Did you hear that new Brokencyde album? It's so buns...
3. Buns buns buns!
by The Milkman... November 03, 2012
A term used when calling people hot,sexy,cute,ect...
Honeys is another word that is relevant to the word BUNS.
Damn boy you get all the buns!
by Lenssa August 06, 2008
Girls arse
hey check out her buns
by Johnny_b-2 August 03, 2008
Word originated in the Levittown/Philadelphia area. It means lackluster, inadequate.

Synonyms: Crappy, sucky, lame
Yo son, your Tekken skills are buns.
by James Foley March 01, 2005
A food that is named for no particular reason. Often put on hamburgers for NO REASON!!!!
I like my hamburgers on buns.
by KirbKirb54 November 04, 2013
A really exhagerated NO. like you are saying no x45.
Man: Please girl, have sex with me!
Girl: Buns Jack, Buns.
by asrasdrgadfgasertwerqwer234512 December 26, 2009
When someone or something goes against what you want to happen or achieve; so you make fun of them behind their back with a word they don't know >:3
Brandon: You hear about Debra giving Matt a BJ on the steps
Greg: I know She's super BUNS, dude
by MixMasterSexMachine97 February 21, 2012
a very good looking man with an even more good looking butt.very shy and doesnt talk to girls easily.wears REALLY tight pants.
Doenica:WOW!look at that guy!
Rachel:oh i think his name is Roberto!
Amanda:ya,he's in my math class....he's a total Buns!
by Maribitch Garbonior April 14, 2008