(n.): A hot, toasted, bread.
(adj.): A phrase used to describe places, peoples, and events that are perceived as lame, silly, or downright unsuitable for existence.
(onomatopoeia): An exclamation used to describe someone's distaste towards an event.
1. Wow, those are some nice, hot buns.
2. Did you hear that new Brokencyde album? It's so buns...
3. Buns buns buns!
by The Milkman... November 03, 2012
A term that supposedly originated in New York city and has been gaining popularity amongst young Latino and African-American youth.

Usually refers to a "p*ssy" ....or a male or female coward

Taken literally may allude to the softness of a breaded bun.Hence a synonym being "soft"
"Yo,why didn't you fight him?!,you mad buns!".
by Karol Rubiano May 02, 2004
Someone's butt, or rear end.
Check out Java's luscious buns.
by muonic March 08, 2010
n. A person (male or female) you're seeing/dating and have an affectionate relationship with. Not a one nighter or fuck buddy. Someone you don't mind hugging or kissing in public. Sometimes (in DC) used inter-changeably with "boo".
v. To meet up with the aforementioned person and do warm fuzzy couple things, such as watch a movie and/or cuddle. To bun.
N. Homie#1 - Yo, dawg, who was that girl I saw u with at the movies?
Homie#2 - Pssshh. You don't know? That was my bun.

V. Homie#1 - Ay, dawg, you hanging out tonight?
Homie#2 - Nah. I'm bunnin' with my girl tonight.
by Jane Doe January 05, 2005
Like ugly or nasty
Another word is butterz
That boy is bare bun!
by Cocoablush March 29, 2009
Of the bread family; you usually put some source of meat,cheese, and condiments on. :]
"Hey I need some some buns with my meat"
by Jess and Jad-izzle February 20, 2005
bœyn: vagina. Vietnamese in origin, from a popular food.
Oh, me love bün! Fuckee Fuckee!
by Hal Jackson April 06, 2006
Was made in NY, and is now used almost everywhere.
Buns means to be soft, pussy, or to call something wack.
Can be mixed in with other words such as; if someone crossed you over in Basketball you would be called "Hot Crossed Buns". The way of using Buns is endless but dont forget where it came from, NY.
You--"Yo, i cant..."
Me--"Nigga you Buns"

"Yo this party is Buns"

by Spic_Dogg December 12, 2006

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