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10 definitions by neochin

1. Jamaican term for the female sexual organ
"Mi haffi get pum pum tonight."
by neochin June 17, 2004
(noun) origin - jamaican 1980s. singular and plural.
1. An expression of support or encouragement.
2. An expression of remembrance.

origin - "Up" is an english term used to mean elevation. Therefore the term "big up" literally means to elevate highly or to a superlative degree.
"I want to big up everyone who has shown me support over the years."
"Big up on that excellent performance"
by neochin June 17, 2004
1. A deregatory term for someone. Someone who is irritating or has done something to offend you. The term fassy came back into popular jamaican vernacular around 1997 due to a
song with the same name on the Rae Rae riddim.
2. A misunderstood meaning is homosexual. The word was never intended to be used this way, but people who did not know what the word meant originally, created this alternative meaning for it. It is an incorrect definition.
3. (archaic) an old jamaican term meaning an itchy sore
You and your friends is fassy.
by neochin June 17, 2004
1. A jamaican term for one who is a male homosexual. A concatenation of the jamaican words for the human posterior (batty) and man.
Don't go in the bar with the rainbow flag. Is bare battyman een deh.
by neochin June 17, 2004
(noun or adjective)
1. a jamaican expletive. Literally "bottom cloth", a term used to describe the cloth used by women to soak up the blood during their menstrual cycle before pads were commercially available.
The boy fell of his bicycle after being forced off the road by a car. Upon falling he exclaimed, "Bumboclaat!!!!!"
by neochin June 17, 2004

1. a jamaican term that is often used as an expression of machismo or an affirmation of masculine strength.
2. a jamaican term for a violent criminal or a person associated with violent activities.
"Mind how you talk to me. You no fi talk to bad man so."
"Don't go to that club. Is bare bad man down deh."
by neochin June 17, 2004
(noun or adjective)
1. A deregatory jamaican term. Comes from the term fassy, meaning a sore or infection, and the term hole which is a reference to the anus or vagina.
Di whole a dem bad mind people deh a fassyhole.
by neochin June 17, 2004