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Dutch slang for a type of pimp who seduces young, naïve and generally less intelligent girls through a variety of methods, with the intent to make them work in prostitution.
Girl don't accept presents from him, he's a loverboy, before you know it he'll have your ass behind a window.
by alexxander August 13, 2007
Alternative name for pigtails
Ooh, I'd grab those fuckhandles and ride her all night.
by alexxander July 08, 2006
The act of opening a lock by inserting a key cut to it's deepest point and tapping it gently until the pins of the lock fall into place.
John forgot his key's,but managed to open his door by bumping the lock.
by alexxander July 19, 2006
Derogative term for a clit piercing
Ashley got herself a slut tag.
by alexxander July 08, 2006

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