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1. Really, really rubbish.
2. Name of an African tribal leader, who sells yams.
1. "Dude, that is total bumgay."
2. "Bumgay sells only premium yams."
by Drakien March 06, 2003
a gentleman of the anal persuasion
'will you please stop being so bum gay'
by lazystudent January 29, 2006
The child of two gay men, born from dual gay DNA - A Bumgay is the true epitomé of homesexuality. If two Bumgays were ever to spawn a child, it is written in legend that even Chuck Norris would keep his back to the wall at all times.

The term Bumgay is based on the facts that the subject is;
A) Very, some may say extremely Gay.
B) When a gay man gives birth, the child is born via rectum.

Famous Bumgays have included the likes of Dale Winton, Graham Norton and Loius Spence.
If you ever walk alone down a dark alley, feel a breeze of air on your back then suddenly find you have been raped - you have fallen pray to a Bumgay.

Tarquin: "Dum de dum de dum, walking down a dark alley yea yea such fun"


Tony: "Feel sore? You've been Bumgay'd!"

Tarquin: "Oh no, not my Gumdrop Buttons!"
by El Super Warrenator March 25, 2010
homosexual man who engages in anal penetration
I would be bumgay, but my arse is too sensitive.
by fryer September 20, 2003
To be extremely excitable about something.
"I'm totally bumgay for waffles!"
by Inspector Bumhat March 01, 2005
a hedgehog
famous classic sega game sonic the bumgay
by fryer October 02, 2003