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Stupid dumbasses who have nothing better to do than pick on weaker victims. These assholes really need to get a life. Also the cause of violence and crimes in society.
Me: Shit! Did you see that? Those guys just robbed a bank! They must be a victim of bullying.
by StraightFMan December 10, 2005
A phrase used by some people who can't see an image because of a red x.
Creator: Here are some screenshots for my new Mario game. Enjoy.
(Red X's are shown)
Wes: Um... I can't see shit.
by StraightFMan September 06, 2004
Retarded bitches who would protect their children from Video Games, Movies, Anime, Internet and just anything that contains the words hell or damn (I know these aren't swear words of course). They would yell at anybody who mentions anything about them. Even at a librarian who just lets someone know that none of that content is available (I'm glad I don't have such a overprotective mother).
Me: Excuse me but is there any manga here?

Librarian: Sorry. This library does not carry manga or anim...


Librarian: SHHHHHH!!!!

Soccer Mom: *Who was dumb enough to think that the librarian was going to say the word "shit"* DON'T YOU SAY THAT KIND OF LANGUAGE!

Me: *takes soccer mom outside, 50 feet away from the library and casts Blazemost (a Dragon Warrior spell)* Silence is golden bitch!
by StraightFMan February 14, 2005
What many high school students are. Nuff said.
Just because you're in high school doesn't mean people cannot be immature. Maturity is nothing but a mere joke.
by StraightFMan April 10, 2006
A word originated in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The French guys' way of saying knights.
I blow my nose at you so-called Arthur King. You and all your silly english kniggets!
by StraightFMan November 27, 2004
First seen in Super Mario Bros. Picking it up gives you an extra life. (duh!) Seen in about every Mario game.
Mario got teh 1-up mushroom!!!!!!!1111one
by StraightFMan July 31, 2004
The game I plan on getting.
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas rocks. Enough said.
by StraightFMan March 12, 2005

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