bullet for my valentine is a really fuckin gay band who sounds like shit and all they do is scream and shit and make really annoying music and pisses of everyone. Usually listened to by 'hardcore' losers or emo faggot
faggot 1: wow that song '4 words' is so great
faggot 2: ya the really fuckin annoying screaming and shitty guitar really kicks ass... im so hardcore.. im gonna cut myself now

bullet for my valentine is annoying and gay
by dan.. November 07, 2006
In my opinion, a whole bunch of suck rolled into one little EMO, fag-blowing package. And for all you emo muthafuckers who don't realize that the band is emo and NOT Heavy Metal then you are sadly mistakenl. We don't want them. You can have your emo faggots and you can save that bullet for your head.
- Do you like Bullet for my Valentine?

- Nope.

- Hmm... me neither. Wanna go not cry and/or cut ourselfs?

- Sure.
by wed-g April 29, 2006

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