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The greatest fucking band of all time!!! Anyone who says they are "emo" should fuck off. These guys are straight hardcore, heavy metal. Besides, there's nothing wrong with "emo" anyway. Matt Tuck is not only an amazing screamer but is a great singer as well and a badass guitarist. Michael "Padge" Paget is, in my mind one of the greatest guitarists in the world right now. Most of his shit is complicated to play and diificult to even think up. Jason "Jay" James is a great bassist who holds the insane rhythm of every Bullet For My Valentine song. Along with this, he is a totally brutal screamer. And last, but not least, Michael "Moose" Thomas is one of the top 5 drummers on the planet in my opinion. Just listen to the drumming in any of their songs. Bullet has 3 albums out right now. First is the 2005 EP, "Hand Of Blood", featurings songs such as "Hand Of Blood", "4 Words (To Choke Upon)", "Just Another Star" and "Curses". Their second, and first full length release is 2006's "The Poison" which includes the songs "Tears Don't Fall", "Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow", "All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)", "Hit The Floor", And "The Poison". Their latest release, 2008's "Scream Aim Fire" shows the bands more metal side with songs like "Scream Aim Fire", Waking The Demon", "Hearts Burst Into Fire", "Eye Of The Storm", "Disappear" and "Ashes Of The Innocent". Bullet has also covered songs from Ozzy Osbourne (Crazy Train) and Metallica (Creeping Death, Sanitarium). That's all you need to know bitches! Peace!
I am listening to Bullet For My Valentine, the sweetest fucking band in the world!

Really? What song?

Tears Don't Fall, Recognize! The greatest song ever made!
by CaffeineMunky March 19, 2009
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