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The coolest new heavy metal band from the UK set for world domination. after replacing their old monicker "Jeff Killed John", Matt (vocals/guitar), Padge (guitar), Jay (bass) and Moose (drums), signed with Sony through Visible Noise and released their mini-album "Hand of Blood". the Bridgend, south wales natives have been rewarded for their hard work with 2 top 40 singles and a top 30 album (The Poison), a kerrang! award for best british newcomer and a headlining slot on the kerrang! xxv tour in January. their album "The Poison" will be out in the USA early this year and they will tour the US with "It Dies Today".
to experience the majesty that is Bullet for my Valentine checkout their website or to listen to some of their songs go to
by amber_is_lost January 02, 2006
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Great Metalcore band. Signed by Trustkill Records in the USA. Currently touring the US. Their lyrics do have an emo side. They however, are NOT emo. And the people who listen to them are definitely NOT emo. Go to their concert, look and see. I saw 1 fat goth guy. No emos. The rest were crazed highschool metalheads.
BFMV Fan: *listening to music*

Asshole: What ya listening to?

BFMV Fan: Bullet for My Valentine

Asshole: Go cut urself emo child.

BFMV Fan: *beats the living shit out of the asshole*

Asshole: *cries in corner*

BFMV Fan: Who's the emo now bitch!?

Asshole: *Takes a gun to his head*
by Metal Head 555, not 666 June 03, 2007
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B4MV is a METALCORE band, it's obviusous and if u don't believe me u should look on the official website, where it clearly says they play metalcore.It ain't emo, not heavy, not even hardcore.It's METALCORE, and it rulz.4 eva, the poison
e.g. -Where did bullet for my valentine start?
- New age metal combined with a hardcore style, => metalcore
by Smokerlg August 17, 2006
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A band from Brigend, Wales. Their main genre is Metalcore, however they do pull from some Emocore. Their guitar is very metalish, and they have some really nice riffs. Their songs contain a lot of screaming, so if you don't like that type of singing, don't listen to them. They are very good live, and put on a great show. They recently released "The Poison", containing their most well-known song "Tears Don't Fall". They have four members, Matthew Tuck, Michael Paget, Jason James and Michael Thomas.
(At a concert...)
Matthew Tuck (frontman of Bullet For My Valentine) : ARE YOU READY FOR SOME BRITISH METAL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Person 1: HELL YES I AM.
Person 2: ME TOO.
*start moshing*
by Timmy G. May 27, 2007
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One of the best bands I've heard yet. Period. They aren't emo, that's gotta be the most stupid label I've heard for their music yet. This is some of the best music I've heard in years, especially compared to all the other crap people listen to.
Check out Bullet For My Valentine at to hear their music
by LS90 August 02, 2009
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A very good metalcore band that takes influences from bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Slayer. They've released two albums so far: The Poison and Scream Aim Fire.

Despite what people say, they are NOT emo. Emo is a style of hardcore punk. If you're going to call them emo because of their confessional lyrics, you might as well call Patsy Cline emo.
Person 1: Bullet for my Valentine is so emo!
Person 2: They are metalcore. Emo is a totally different genre.
by wingkon December 06, 2009
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bullet for my valentine is comming to the tweeter center with iron maiden and my mom wont take me :(
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