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the lead guitarist of Bullet For My Valentine
Padge is the best lead guitarist in the history of lead guitarists!
by break_suffocation July 13, 2010
Noun; The puffy area between one's stomach and genitalia.
His penis looks so small in comparison to his padge.
by Michaelhadapadge September 08, 2013
(n.) refers to one who is a father, or father figure, derived from the spanish word padre.
My padge is silly
by meshpanda November 18, 2009
To go rock climbing while smoking marijuana. If you do not smoke marijuana it is only rock climbing.
"A padge sounds like such a good idea right now."
"It's such a nice day out, lets go padging!"
by Praxwald April 24, 2012
The edge of the pavement - Combo of pavement and edge. For when you don't like using the word 'Kerb" as it is ridiculously American.
"Watch you don't trip over the padge"
by I hate the word Kerb January 08, 2012
Noun. Padge is a penis+vagina.
Johnnie: Whats that smell daddy?
Dad: Your mother's padge is actin' up again, grab the bleach.
Johnnie: I reckon one day I'll have a padge.
by RaShanqua November 30, 2011
Endearing term for homosexual in Nederland, TX.
Now that padge wears those ass-less chaps like no other.
by FundleGrundle March 16, 2011