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The coolest new heavy metal band from the UK set for world domination. after replacing their old monicker "Jeff Killed John", Matt (vocals/guitar), Padge (guitar), Jay (bass) and Moose (drums), signed with Sony through Visible Noise and released their mini-album "Hand of Blood". the Bridgend, south wales natives have been rewarded for their hard work with 2 top 40 singles and a top 30 album (The Poison), a kerrang! award for best british newcomer and a headlining slot on the kerrang! xxv tour in January. their album "The Poison" will be out in the USA early this year and they will tour the US with "It Dies Today".
to experience the majesty that is Bullet for my Valentine checkout their website www.bulletformyvalentine1.com or to listen to some of their songs go to
and www.myspace.com/bulletformyvalentine
by amber_is_lost January 02, 2006

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