An accumulated chunk of mass which is unstable and chemically imbalanced; generally a result of dynamic energy overload, usually caused by mental imbalance. The Bulkus term is rarely used as compliment, however it is usually applied to men of enormous stature
The bulkus exuberantly emphasised his confidence by screeching, "DAMN JEALOUS PEOPLE!"
by George February 16, 2004
Top Definition
A non-scientific term used to explain the biochemical phenomena known recently to modern scientists as "adipose-eruptis". This term is generally applied to lab test subjects who have generally imbalanced hormonal environments(too much estrogen and not enough testosterone), in order to find out the limits of flesh accumulation. Known to lead to high cholesterol, blood pressure, diahria, stomach discomfort, air pollution, toilet overload and other misc. unpleasantries.
The highly famous scientist showed the crowd how his bulkus test subject could not run for over a minute on a treadmill.
by Chris Gabryluk February 16, 2004
Someone who was generally bullied throughout his life and probably has never gotten pussy. The bulkus is a creature of large fatty-tissued dimensions. However, inspite of this fact he has managed to gain a lot of muscular size. Although generally the bulkus would not survive in teh world of bodybuilding due to the requirements of low bodyfat.
The bulkus glanced at a picture of a lean bodybuilder and laughed to himself "HAH! Look at that skinny kid!" and continued to eat his happy meal
by Jonny February 16, 2004
by WISWESSER February 16, 2004
SoMe OnE WhO Iz BuLkY aNd BiG, AnD LooKz LikE WiNnY Da PooH, OnlY WayyYYYyYyY BiGGeR... lolZzzzz
Dylan :)
by Girls of Northampton Area High February 16, 2004
some 1 who looks like me but says he is ripped and athlietic.
Bulkus looks like me only a little fuller.
by Strunk February 16, 2004
one very insecure individual, who normally takes up 2(up to a rare maximum of 4) plane seats. Generally has a BF of > 20%, however due to androgen hardness convinces most of his fellow peers, and especially himself, that he is sub 15%. This condition is generally hard to get rid of, and is only possible through anorexic obsession. Often known as anti-anorexic insecurity syndrone.
The bulkus looked at his portruding stomach in the mirror, and hid his disgust in himself by eating 4 more burgers and telling himself " I AM HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! " while uncontrollably feeling his trunk-like arms.
by Alex February 16, 2004
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