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bulkshit - n.

1. Economy-sized, Costco amounts of bullshit.
Any and all things ever said, thought, or sang by Katy Perry, are, collectively, bulkshit.
by black_coyote January 11, 2010
Noun: A continuous stream and or massive volume of falsehoods, misinformation and absurd arguments - often used to overwhelm a valid argument. Verb: To use such large amounts of bullshit in debate, particularly in an online debate or argument.
Because Karen could not argue against the fact that the US economy has vastly improved under President Obama, she just posted a stream of bulkshit pasted from right-wing chain mails in the hopes no one would bother to debunk it all. When Bob claimed that GMOs were not toxic as stated by a environmental blogger: he and his followers bulkshitted Bob's post to death with bullshit, misinformation and absurd arguments.
by RHOmea August 18, 2015
A very large amount of bullshit hitting you in the face all at once.
Mom: I'm taking your phone, car, video games, money, and soul because you didn't hug me before you got on the bus!

Me: That's BULKSHIT mom! Go watch Oprah and fall in a hole!
by Angry Spartan kitty kitty lick November 12, 2010
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