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the large round shaped head of a penis at the end of the shaft where the urethra is located(also known as mushroom cap, helmet head, or the meat ball)
Eric-"Dude, my shlong is so big, chicks can barely fit the bulbus in their mouth when they are givin me head because my shlong is so big."

Ryan-"Dude thats intense. Your bulbus must be huge. Can i see?"

Eric-"Naw man."

by etrain's-the-man September 28, 2009
the first name of Bulbus Profundus
the lord of the glands
he's Bulbus Profundus he's the bulbus christ
by bulbus Profundus November 04, 2004
Nasty, Puss filled, Infected,
That is a rather bulbus zit you have on your ass
by Shinkronson July 20, 2004
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