Those who live in the suburbs with unsophisticated tastes and enjoys common pop-culture. Popular term in the Pacific Northwest, North East and British Isles.
"That guy watches American Idle, he's way buffer.", "He's a buffer from Beaverton.", "Arena Rock is so buffer".
by NOMADonnie April 18, 2009
A law-abiding citizen that makes an easy mark for a con-artist.
Those buffers were so easy to steal from.
by gtcompscientist March 13, 2007
The chick(s) who sucks the porn stars' dicks in between scenes to keep them hard (rarely the same person who sucks his dick on-scene).
Many porn flicks displays scenes of animalistic sex for up to 45-60 minutes. Do you really think the girl (or guy) can last that long? They actually take a lot of breaks, with several girls coming from behind scene to keep the guy aroused. These are the buffers.
by Rob Ta July 10, 2008
person or people, usauly from cominuity service who clean up graffitti.
damn fool someone buffed my shit cu!!!
by eugene August 27, 2003
The act of a female licking the asshole of her male partner.
She blew my fucking mind after she gave me that buffer.
by The duder 17 February 08, 2013
a person you hire from off the street to buy you porn, a rated m video game or sneak you into a r rated movie also known as your "big brother"
"hey tell that guy if he will buffer me to buy me a playboy"
by stormtrooper501 October 14, 2009
look at the buffers on her
by hatband April 27, 2009

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