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when you are kicked out of the Apple store for looking at porn on the big computers or making prank phone calls on the Iphones
man i just got Applejected because i was watching the pain olympics with a bunch of 5 year olds and their mothers around
by stormtrooper501 November 11, 2009
an "important" drill that your school makes you do but during this drill you can do things like you get out of class for a few minutes what can beat that also you can talk with some friends, smoke a cigarette, fuck around with your girlfriend or blaze up a dimebag in the janitors closet.
"hey man during that fire drill i just lit a blunt in the cafeteria had a snack and a drink in just five minutes while you were on that useless drill"
by stormtrooper501 October 16, 2009
a person you hire from off the street to buy you porn, a rated m video game or sneak you into a r rated movie also known as your "big brother"
"hey tell that guy if he will buffer me to buy me a playboy"
by stormtrooper501 October 14, 2009

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