Cows that look like bears
Dude, those cows look crazy! They look like bears! They've got their winter coats on for sure... Or, maybe they're buffalo... That's why they look like bears...
by Madd-Dogg Andersen November 30, 2010
Asides from a large hairy mammal, a city in northwestern New York, and a verb meaning "to bully or intimidate", apparently now a meme on 4chan.
"Gullible Wordfilters to Buffalo!"

"How buffalo do you think I am? Srsly!"
by lancelot323 September 03, 2008
The Native American equivalent of a cow.
I went on a blind date with this bitch who worked at the casino, but it turned out she was a total buffalo.
by slds July 22, 2008
An active slow motorist within a pack of slow driving motorists on a public roadway. As derived from the name of the undesired animal, the term specifically means a rather undesired slow driver that is insistent on fighting for the belief that one is able to drive at fairly unreasonable slow speeds without considering the negative impact for following parties of drivers. Currently, the media and law enforcement agencies refuse to comment on this situation. Buffalos are a fairly common occurrence in the United States today, being present at select hours of the day on major roadway routes. While figures are not official, a significant percentage of United States road rage is created from the activities of the Buffalo.
The Buffalo was leading the pack by traveling at a speed of 35mph in a 50mph zone.
by NoBuffalos December 28, 2010
It's whats for dinner.
What do Richland Rebels eat?!
Rebels eat Buffalo meat!!
by rebel09 October 09, 2008
a weird, skinny, japanese man or woman who can eat many hot dogs in one minute.
"That guy is such a buffalo."
by BrieTralala February 01, 2009
Fucking something up extremely, or not being able to focus.
Usually being said if something bad happens while under the influence of some kind of drug.
"Don't be buffalo, do bomb."
"James, you buffalo you broke my front door?!"
"Your being buffalo."
by Nic M. December 28, 2007
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