Trucker slang, refers to a male who is willing to perform sexual acts with a driver (for free). A male who requires payment for services rendered is a "pro buffalo".
There's a buffalo workin' the picklepark on eastbound 30 tonight, if ya can't get ya some real beaver.
by Mount May 22, 2004
A once prospering city in Western New York State that has been hopelessly reduced to a rotting, smelly, crime-ridden pile of shit; thanks in part to a Mayor with the intellect and mannerisms of Bullwinkle the Moose. He continually shrugs his shoulders in awe of his own ineptness, and keeps a stack of index cards with his standard "spin" responses to any substantive questions.
Buffalo is going nowhere but down, because no politician wants to get his/her prints on this trainwreck. If you find yourself traveling the I-90 towards Buffalo, just keep on driving.
Mathematical formula:

Mayor of Buffalo X 3 terms divided by number of jobs lost squared, subtract 54 percent in population drop, add political stupidity and corruption to an exponent of 50 = The stench that is the city of Buffalo
by beastfan August 12, 2004
Irish in origin, closely related to BIFFO, this is a broader term that takes in a larger area. BUFFALO stands for "Big Ugly Fucker From Around Laois Offaly". If someone is displaying characteristics of a BIFFO but lives just across the county line, this all-encompassing term will fit the bill.
That Mick O'Dwyer is Buffalo King.
by Daithipj March 02, 2006
(v.) To bribe into forgetfullness.
Upon landing on long Island, the Nazi sabateurs thought they had buffaloed a lifegaurd with $300.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 28, 2004
n. a woman or girl who is ugly/hideous, who dresses in the height of fashion and thinks that she is the most beautiful thing that has touched this earth, and pleases in bragging about it; used as an insult, usually chanted.
by Saint Shaggy November 23, 2002
Buffalo is the definition of "used to".
Buffalo used to be cool.
It used to be semi-prosperous.
It used to be respectable.
It used to be inhabitable.

I'm not saying that if Scott Norwood makes that kick anything changes, but it wouldn't have made things worse.

The blue-collar factories and steel industry are, for the most part, long dead.

The political situation in Buffalo is, for lack of better words, a filthy stinking cesspool of overspending, patronage, and pork.

The inner city is a wasteland of crime, poverty, drugs. They could have saved it, revitalized the whole damn thing, but instead of building the University Center at Buffalo actually IN Buffalo, they built it in the suburbs.

I'm not going to go into the weather. Let's leave it at: when you can't remember what spring feels like, you know you're in Buffalo.
Stewardess: Due a a freak blizzard in May, we cannot take off. Enjoy Buffalo.

Passenger: Buffalo?! What a shithole...
by Master Control March 17, 2005
A city so much in decline that not even a light-rail line could save it.
At their rate of decline, Buffalo's population would soon be smaller than the population of Peekskill.
by Omega Death January 31, 2005

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