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Located in upper Westchester County, but in downstate New York state.
Anything below the Capital District (Albany, Schenectady, Rensslaer) is downstate. Maybe you should consult a county map of New York State sometime.
by Omega Death May 07, 2005
65 16
A dangerous city in downstate New York where one who goes to Peekskill is at risk for a robbery.
I have to go to Peekskill for an appointment. I hope I do not get robbed.
by nobody9929 November 03, 2011
24 5
Peekskill is upstate. Think about it, where does Peekskill have more in common with, Yonkers or Newburgh? Hell, it's probably even closer to Newburgh!
I'm surprised someone from Hartsdale wouldn't agree with me that anything north of Tarrytown is upstate...
by George Bush July 05, 2005
12 60
A city in Upstate New York.
Anything above or on the other side of the Tappan Zee Bridge = Upstate
by George Bush May 13, 2004
14 65