a once prosperous city filled with good jobs for everyone. in fact, college wasn't even necessary, cause there were jobs for everyone that paid pretty well. however, those jobs have all been shipped to mexico, china, thailand, taiwan and india among other places where workers are slaved for pennies a day that can never buy them any of the products they make. and, of course, the prices aren't really going down. But the city is, thanks to the apathy of a neo-con federal government, which could care less about the cities that built america, a state government that worries only about the so-called troubles of new york city, a city government that takes the little bit of federal and state money and pockets it into their own payraises and doesnt even attempt to solve problem, and a county government bureaucracy that only works part-time, gets paid more than double the salary of the avergae full-time worker in america, has no sense of creative thought, overstaffs itself and expects others to get rid of their so called patronage when they wont get rid of theirs. basically the great city has been fucked over.
outsourcing + federal neo-cons such as tom delay who cut off any aid + state interests + corrupt city gov't + county gov't shithole = the destruction of buffalo
by senor April 24, 2005
1. a city in New York, known for chicken wings, cold winters and lousy football teams.

2. to fool someone, to bamboozle or cheat

3. bison

4. derogatory term for a person of African descent

5. a type of mozzarella cheese

6. chicken wing cooked in hot sauce served with blue cheese dressing.
1. "I moved to Buffalo from Parma, but I am not sure why."

2. "I buffaloed that guy into taking the Bills and giving me six."

3. "There are no buffaloes in Buffalo."

4. "Get a load of those shiftless buffaloes."

5. "Buffalo mozzarella is often served with sliced tomatoes in vinagrette; it has nothing to do with Buffalo or buffaloes."

6. "Look at that buffalo eating those buffalo wings."
by Joe Bone March 16, 2005
Not just a city for drinkers and sports fans (although it is an upside for some).
Home of: One of the most amazing modern art galleries, the Albright Knox (as well as the newly built Burchfield which features local artists) the Elmwood village which was voted one of the top ten greatest american neighborhoods in 2007; the beautiful Darwin Martin House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (as well as a few other of his less familiar designs); untouched architecture all over the city; amazing food--not just chicken wings either, vegans, vegetarians and bloody meat eaters alike can join together at many of the friendly restaurants here (ie amys place, merge buffalo, the lexington coop, left bank, hutches, globe market etc etc); A bike friendly community where weekly summer bike outings occur; outdoor Shakespeare in delaware park (along with row boats and books from talking leaves); insanely cheap rent in beautiful HUGE apartments/homes; one of the biggest outdoor art festivals, the allen town art festival; a next to nothing cost of living (and living well); people who can mock themselves, but have pride in where they're from.

Honestly everyone has their own qualms about where they live and buffalo isn't shy of it, but its a beautiful place.
Plus bars close at 4 and even the ugliest of people can get laid (ie: the pink)

Buffalo summers are unbeatable.
by cityofgoodneighbors March 20, 2009
1) (n) A large hairy mammal.
2) (n) A city in western New York.
3) (n, adj) A type of hot wing sauce.
4) (v) To intimidate, as by a display of confidence or authority.
Buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
(it's a legitimate sentence, really...the 4th "buffalo" is the verb)
by Nick D December 04, 2005
A quaint, big small-town in Western New York, close to Niagara Falls, and with weather that's not really as bad as it's made out to be, it used to be a 'New York City' in its day, when the Erie Canal opened, but when everyone discovered New York City had a harbor, most people moved there.

It is best known for inventing a classic; The Buffalo Wings. You can travel the world, but you will never find Buffalo Wings like the ones in Buffalo.

The people themselves (Buffalonians) are generous, kind, good-humored, and the all-around good kind. The sports fans are extremely faithful, as, even though they too joke about how horrible the sports teams do, they seem convinced that the next season is the one where the will win.

With great food, fantastic shopping, a picturesque Marina, good people, appealing history, and a quaint and fullfilling big small-town feel, once you leave Buffalo, you can never find anything like it.
"I'm a Buffalonian" "The Buffalo Wing Fest was fun" "I love Buffalo"
by crazydesi15 August 23, 2011
Pretty much the coolest city ever. Involves a lot of badass car chases and wondrous food. New York City and Rochester may say that it's a shithole where you're going to get carjacked, but they're only jealous because we have Loganberry and Mighty Taco.
Innocent Bystander - UGH. I have to drive through BUFFALO this week. Goodbye, sweet world!
Buffalonian - You only say that because you've never had a Super Mighty.
by hardcore llama January 25, 2011
Fat and loud black woman, age 25 to 35, at least 75 pounds overweight. She is outspoken, uneducated, arrogant and obnoxious. Typically festooned with hoop earrings and elaborately painted fake fingernails and branded with a ghetto tattoo. Often seen/heard loudly chatting with another buffalo on her cell phone, making brilliant statements like "You know I ain't tryin to hear that gurrrrrll!!!" as she waddle-struts along the sidewalk.
This buffalo is in front of you at the grocery store. She's paying for two carts of premium groceries with a federal voucher - and then whipping out a roll of cash to pay for the beer and candy that food stamps won't cover.
by Memphis Mikey March 07, 2010
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