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A word that can now be used for not just discribing peepz but things that are enjoyable to look at/ listen to/talk to.
1. 50 cent is so buff
2. The new 50 cent album is buff
by xXx gyal May 31, 2005
4 8
When someone is looking fine u say they are buff (London ting)
Manz was buff
by Jd July 28, 2003
1455 697
Very strong or having defined muscles, hot. Used mostly for guys.
Look at that he's pumpin' 200 pounds!
Damn he's buff.
by Alex Boyd January 27, 2004
865 401
very strong and well built
vin diesel is buff
by dolman February 23, 2003
1155 730
(In MMORPGs) To improve the stats of another player by casting spells, as is typical of Acolyte and Cleric classes.
Gimme buffs, bitch!
by trejkaz February 26, 2003
704 438
Someone who is good looking.
"He is buff!"
by Fiona June 23, 2003
621 497
good looking
he/she is buff
by lola June 27, 2003
439 354
when a man/gal is well attractive they is defined as "buff," meaning they is very sexy, and you know you definitely would.
"wagwan stacey, have you seen my new mans, he's well buff, innit?"
"Nah man, your blokes butters, trust."
by Smurphy April 26, 2004
512 433