v. in reference to who owns the pants. One may wear the pants in the relationship, but the other owns the buckle to the pants.
A.k.a. one person may be the boss, but the other one controls who gets into the pants.
1.A:I wear the pants in this relationship.
M: Yes, but I own the buckle.
A: You aren't getting into my pants anytime soon.

P:Dude, you know he wears the pants in that relationship.
F:Yeah, but she owns the buckle.
by Hippieluv February 01, 2009
Top Definition
to crack under pressure
this nigga buckled at the foul line wit 2 seconds left and airballed it
by Griff July 01, 2004
The act of releasing vile waste.
Be careful, Kyle just Buckled in there.
by Ace February 16, 2005
a really expensive store
hey how much are those jeans?
78 bucks
holy crap! how much is that shirt?
35 bucks
holy crap!
by baby June 17, 2004
A piece of metal used to fasten a strap such as a belt or a shoe strap.
That Pilgrim's shoes have shiny buckles on them.
by angryatnocommonsense April 05, 2015
To leave or give-up when losing an online game (For Eg. Counter-Strike). Can also refer to real life going home early on a night out or to give up at something.
Jesus christ i was pwning a noob and he fucking did a buckle
by BuckleZ May 31, 2007
To trip over by accident i.e over a curb.
"Oh, he buckled and cracked his neck"
by Devang June 19, 2006
A wife that makes you buckle down.
That wife of mine (Buckles) always naggin me talkin bout I need to buckle down.
by MACHINEGUNJACK May 18, 2011
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