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A city with a good head on its shoulders. Tustin isn't truly hood like neighboring Santa Ana nor is it yuppified like neighboring Irvine. There are areas that are urbanized with true street culture. Most residents are real people, mostly pleasant, simple, and respectful. Very diverse, there are whites, blacks, mexicans, all kinds of asians from japanese to indians. Unlike the Irviners, the rich folks in Tustin are more down to earth and not obnoxious. Mainly middle class, this city is the perfect balance of hood and good.
What's Tustin?
That's one of the chill cities in the OC!
by 1,2,stepup September 12, 2006
a city in orange county neighboring irvine and santa ana. it isnt as ghetto as santa ana, nor is it a big rich bubble of doom like irvine. it is the best of both worlds without the dangers and sheer boredom.
tustin is 10x better than irvine. irvine sucks dick.
by irvine sucks dick February 19, 2010
As a name: The coolest person alive. Strong, Smart, and independent. Performs great in sex and and gives the girls great orgasms. Also known for being one of the Gods.
Its incredible that Tustin is even human. He is more like a God.
by kakarot5853 August 02, 2010
Neither stealing nor borrowing, it is considered something monetary or materialistic that you may use until needed or ask for back. Better known as a "come up."
Shane "tustined" my hat.
by Loopy Lisa March 11, 2008
To be poor; not just poor, but Tustin-poor
As poor as a Tustin; to be Tustin poor
by Need Tungsten to Live November 23, 2007
A pretty much ghetto town for any kids who live there that are white.Old Town and North Tustin are the exception (cept North Tustin is really Santa Ana) But kinda scary at times for some people. When you get to know some of the "scary" people however, they arnt scary and turn out to be wanksters.
Tustin: Get yo ghetto ass outta there
by Da YOYO August 13, 2006
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