the act of absolutely loving something you go "ape-shit" over it.

derived from Paul Rudd's line from the movie Knocked Up when his character was having a conversation with Ben (played by Seth Rogan) about how much his kids love bubbles.

Ben: "They seem to love bubbles."

Pete: "Oh, god, they go ape shit over bubbles."

Ben: "They're really going ape shit."

Pete: "I mean, that's an incredible thing about a child. I mean, what's so great about bubbles?"

Ben: "They float. You can pop them. I mean, I get it. I get it."

Pete: "I wish I liked anything as much as my kids like bubbles."
Your friend shut herself in for 3 days to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows? She must go bubbles over that Harry Potter stuff!
by Prince Fenrir July 20, 2009
it means, trainer, shoe.
" I got some new bubbles today blad ".
by xxxvxxxvxxxv February 11, 2009
A bubble is a type of "bowl", as it were, that one smokes meth out of.

"Ok dude, now roll the bubble back and forth over the flame. Faster. Breathe in slowly...good..."

"Man, this glass is pure!"

"Shut up and pass the bubble."
To make a little fart; to pass gas
I just bubbled and it felt so refreshing!

Ewww...who bubbled?!

by BlondieUT November 11, 2005
1.Short for bubble and squeak. Bubble is made from leftover boiled potato and greens, typically cabbage, fried together. Often offered as part of a British "fry up" or breakfast.

Hence 2. British rhyming slang Bubble = Greek. Often used in a derogatory way
So this bubble come in the caff an' arsts for breakfast, no beans, no bubble. Farking cahnt!
by Sir Henry October 02, 2005
Literally: To drink champagne
Figuratively: To live lavishly.
How do I bubble if I don't get out and hustle?
by Big Scoob April 20, 2004
a clear circle that saves your life and its so awesome
sponge bob loves blowing bubbles
by sofia hamid December 05, 2014
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