a nick name for a chick that always burps out cum bubble.
young duke:why is your nickname bubbles
homegurl: everytime niggaz nut inside my mouth i burp cum bubble
young duke: sheeeiiit
by gmandynasty November 06, 2005
Some nerd playing CZ

:P :P :P
I oWnEd Bubbles big time today!!
by Greg December 22, 2004
aka: B, B-bop. This girl is the greatest f'ing person in the world. At least she thinks so ;). She's infamous for being an amazing friend... and a very talented duet partner!
Bubbles: Are you going to throw out your ice cream?
Sluuug: That will never happen in my life time.
by Sluuuug February 15, 2005
a person who is fat which his nickname a.k.a yuan
bubble you are so fat
by cdplayer2 June 09, 2006
(n) A girl from a anime-want-to-be show called the 'Powerpuff Girls'.

(adj) A male racoon's testicles.
(n) Bubbles is a friggin l00zar! HA HA! DIE AND BURN!
(adj) The female racoon bit off the male racoon's bubbles.
by ChaosChronicle January 06, 2004
code name for an ugly guy
Look at that girl, it looks like she has bubbles in her hair... no the kind you blow!
by Twizzler December 21, 2003
Sell dope
I mit hav to dubble back and bubble crack (Jadakiss)
by Willie January 07, 2004

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