definition is "bullsh*t", from birmingham
as in " you are talking bubbles "
by lolly November 23, 2004
When your stomach hurts; when you got gas ( gas bubbles )
That Taco-Bell must have gave me the bubbles
by NICHOLE January 21, 2004
you'd say it when someone is talking complete useless crap & wont shut up, when someone is trying to put a point across & you dont understand what it is
1ST GUY --- " its true though aint it, you know what i mean ? "

2ND GUY --- " check you chatting bubbles"

3RD GUY --- " Yeah i know man, your chatting big fucking bubbles "
by I C E August 25, 2005
A human with animal-like characteristics. That of a small, furry creature such as a bush baby.

Bubbles will be timid and grunts with frightened displeasure when confronted with bright clothes, nighclubs, females, or antything else outside of his limited comfort zone.

Easily startled, Bubbles will often scurry into the loftspace if there is a sharp knock on the door. Hide away your Bubbles on bonfire night or in extreme weather conditions

Staple diet would include Weetabix, ham and bananas. He will not go near a gas hob.
"Look at Bubbles in his designer shirt"
response: "(grunt) Everybody is wearing designer shirts, why are you picking on me"
by L.B. Seed August 21, 2004
A beautiful girl who likes babies. She likes cute things and pink.
Damn shes bubbles
by Link February 14, 2003
An inflated or inflammed penis head.
After getting an STD from Hillary Clinton, I had a bubble.
by Hubbabaloo April 26, 2005
Unsavoury 'indiginy' from south-central Canberra
I saw bubbles at the shops last night and I asked him for a lift and he said 'get fuck'd' ... so mom, don't give him a cigga or beer again.

Fuck bubbles!
by ra November 25, 2003
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