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The high school to beat in the northwest. Jesuit is an amazing school all around. Men and women for others, indeed.
"Jesuit students are men and women for others."
by K-rizzle November 29, 2004
The tube like section of the body in which fecal matter exits. Your anus.
I just let my entire dinner slide out my poop tube.
by K-rizzle November 16, 2004
Calm is a state of being, akin to a religious experience. Often used bye itself as a fragment. A relaxing interjection.
"Dude, I can't believe he just flipped that snow-mobile. Calm."
by K-rizzle November 17, 2004
1. A friend. Like buddy.

2. Boobs Under Belly. Term for saggy tits.
"I can't believe you hit that shot, bub!"

"Wow, so mary definitley has some bubs..."
by K-rizzle December 01, 2004
The funniest sexual position ever. Involves...the girls head banging on the ground. Amazing.
"I tried the headbanger last night. Yea, the doctor says she has a mild concussion, but she says she wants to do it again. So what the hell.
by K-rizzle November 29, 2004

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