Australian slang for a cigarette.

Originated when the government brought in plain packaging on cigarettes.
"hey mate, you got any Bryan's on ya?"
by B1lly_TK May 24, 2013
The name given to a very kind, caring, warm affectionate male. Bryan is a very hard worker. He manages several jobs and tasks effectively because he is very intelligent. He has a huge heart. He is honest and tells the truth not what he things a person wants to hear. Bryan's kisses will make a lady melt in his hands. Bryan can sometimes be hard on himself without good reason because there is no other person in the world sweeter than Bryan. Oh, and he's so so very HOT!
A forty-something year old male named Bryan
by Bryans Friend February 03, 2010
Bryan is a guy who likes a lot of things. He is smart, hilarious, cute, nice, and most of all he is the best friend you could ever have..... Well if you want to date him he will say yes to most girls=] Well he is energetic and loves a lot of friends=] so go and find a Bryan and say "hi=]"
Melissa: " Hey did you see Bryan. I think he likes me?=]"
Faith: "Melissa I don't think he likes you....."
Melissa:"What he has to he follows me around everywhere!!!"

Faith: " Well i think he likes me=]"
Melissa: "Well go and talk to him=l"
Faith:"okay if its okay for you????"
Melissa : "Its OK!!!!!! GO NOW!!!!"
by HannahFaith =] June 12, 2009
An amazingly sweet guy who is always there for you. Continues to impress you with sweet sayings and loves you for who you are. Funny and amazingly kind, even if you're in the middle of an argument.
"Why can't you be more like Bryan?"
by Apolloymi April 30, 2010
possible to meet when you least expect it. Hot bodied, intelligent, hilarious, kind. Is like electricity. Likes to make bets with his girl but will lose almost every time. A Bryan is laid-back cool and hella good-times. Very athletic, but fences are not his friend. Every guy wishes he was Bryan.
person 1: I love my boy Bryan.

person 2: Too bad my boy is a henry.

person 1: Yeah that's way too bad.
by RichGirl20 February 12, 2010
Bryan's will captivate you. They are known to be intellectual and breathtakingly handsome although shy at a first encounter. Most Bryan's enjoy technology, gaming and are DJ's on the side. They usually have bodyboarded in the past and are always thinking about growing their hair long. Bryans may sometimes have a secrets. Including one or both of these 2 things. #1: engaging in a sweet hot online affair with a women he has never met. or #2 Watching the lil mermaid.

But dont worry! They will always put you first and give their everything in a relationship. They have been hurt.. but because of their rock solid integrity they dont allow it to happen again. Due to their incredible sweetness and love for others you may have the thoughts to take advantage of them. Dont do it. He will be with you in the night, make you laugh, and dance with you till you forget your name. He might not be a morning person and smoke too much but he will put a smile on your face that lasts forever.

So don't fuck with a Bryan, ever, and make sure you don't misspell this work of arts name wrong, like Brian. That would be hazardous to your health.
A girl comes up to a guy holding Jasmine flowers..."Hey, your like my dream come true. Is your name Bryan?"
by caravan girl May 30, 2011
An amazing guy. He is tall, skinny but athletic. He has the greatest smile. He is that type of person that you can become friends with and he'll still be in your life, involved or not. A Bryan is funny, smart and loves sports. He has the brains but often puts it off. A Bryan is also has a special place in your heart, you will never understand why or how; he just is.

With relationships, Bryan is complicated. He wants a relationship but at the same time he is happy being single. Girls will have to do most of the chasing, for he is a little shy with girls.

Overall Bryan is amazing. I hope he will be able to know that he is so important to me.
I don't understand, Bryan is so amazing!
How so?
I don't even know...he just is!!
by LonelyGirl101 March 28, 2013
The coolest, sweetest, most amazing person you will ever know. He's the kind of guy who will see you frowning across campus and come over to tell you that you're beautiful. The kind of guy who hold your hair away from your face when you're drunk and vomiting. He's the kind of guy who will always be there to cheer you on from the sidelines, at every single game.

He is very good looking, blonde hair and dimples. He is athletic and loves his sports.

Lots of girls like him, and lots of girls date him. He's a bit of a player. But he's never as kind to those girls as he is to you, his best childhood girl friend.

Bryan has never considered the fact that you may love him. To him you are just a best friend. Maybe deep down he knows that you're the one for him, but for the moment he's content with how it is. He'll stick his arm around you casually while you're walking, and kiss your forehead, but never as a date, it often just sort of happens. Oftentimes he'll confide to you about his girlfriend problems and who he thinks is cute. Don't take it personally; he likely doesn't realize how much it pains you.

Bryan is simply the best person you could be friends with. He may cause some heartbreak, but he is an honest person who loves you and would go to the ends of the earth for you.
-Hey did you hang out with Bryan last night?
--Yeah! It was so fun! We played Just Dance and went to Sonic! :D
-Sounds awesome!
--He is(:
by isitlove? July 06, 2011
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