The best guy in the world. Couragous, handsome, kind, caring, and the most funnyiest guy ever!
{me} Hey Sweetie how are you?
{bryan} Thinking of you honey
{me} aww your soo sweet!
by IloveBryan<3 January 13, 2012
the most perfect guy in the world. he can make you smile on your darkest days. and is really cute and sweet. often thinks little of himself even though he should be thinking the truth which is that he is perfect and sweet and there is nothing wrong with him. anybody would be lucky to have a bryan as a friend. and even more a girl would be lucky to have him as a boyfriend.
person 1.: are you hanging out with bryan?
person 2.: yes of course if i could i would hang out with him every day.
person 1.: yeah me to..
person 2.: bryan's perfect.
by katiepooh January 04, 2012
Bryan is a one of a kind guy. You can't find anyone better than him and you will never wanna cause he's perfect!!! He's so hot and sweet and funny! Not to mention loving! All the girls want him but he'd drop anyone of them just to be with the girl he loves. He's an amazing football player and singer! He'd do anything for you!
Bryan is the sweetest guy in the world!!!
by BOtt'sgirl December 02, 2014
An amazing human being who has friends he doesn't know about. His friends love him and will stick with him until the end
Bryan is so cool. I wish I had friends like him
by Feli.x.ity February 23, 2015
the name of shia labeouf's penis
" I heard Shia LaBeouf's Bryan is really small "
by Gidzy=Dick January 18, 2015
A nice, polite, genuine, caring, heart warming, understanding amazing guy who listens to everyones problems. He would do anything to make sure you don't hurt yourself. He puts others happiness before his own. He is the best person anyone could meet and anyone would be lucky to have him in their lives.
Bryan thanks for talking to me, even if its 3 AM :)
by Yolo does not mean Math! March 01, 2015
The nickname for Bryan, usually given to someone named Bryan by another person who is trying really hard to be cool and fit in. The Bryan who reveives the nickname, is usually the only real cool person in the room, even cooer than the person who gave them the nickname.
Loser: B-Ryan in the house! Raise the Roof!
B-Ryan: not cool. Don't try too hard.
by Brandon Mirrors May 19, 2011

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