Bryan is a sweet,considerate,loving,caring person. One of the most genuine human being you can meet. He has this positive energy that makes it impossible not to be happy when your around him. He will make you laugh until you cry. He is the best boyfriend you will ever have. He pays attention to detail and remembers stuff,he will listen to every word you say. He's the kind of boyfriend who will give u breakfast in bed.he loves his father.He is breathtakingly beautiful and you will get lost in his eyes. His lips are divine and he is an excellent kisser.He is such a kind soul but because he has been hurt doesn't trust easily. He is very suspicious and may even get jealous sometimes. He is amazing and being with him will feel surreal.He is everything that you have ever wanted and more. He's the kind of person everybody loves and you will love him for the rest of your life. He enjoys fine wine and loves liquor.
Alex: why are smiling all the time
Me:becuz I'm thinking of Bryan all the time.
by Money gang November 07, 2013
Bryan; A Sexy kid with long hair, beautiful green eyes, has great taste in clothes.
The bestest friend you can ever have, he is trustworthy, loyal, and he'll never break your heart.
He is funny, hilarious, but when needed to he can be serious.
He is a great companian, everybody loves a Bryan!
Girl 1:Hey are you going out with Bryan?
Girl 2:Yeah, he's great isn't he?<3
Girl 1:Yeah, I love those beautiful big green eyes, and his luscious long hair <3
by BryanAlexisLopezLopez November 18, 2011
Bryans are lovely but peculiar. They make you think about how great you are, but then you may never see them again. They are probably super smart bc they tend to have hard jobs, but overall they are probably nice. They are, for a fact, hilarious. That is one thing you can count on. You also may start to think they are stalking you, just bc they make you feel so special.
"Hey, I met Bryan like, 2 months ago, and I still can't stop thinking about him." -girl 1

"Yeah, that's because he's so great he makes you feel like the entire world is looking at you." -girl 2

"Oh, ok. Cool." -girl 1
by Thisissssdumb October 11, 2014
the sweetest and deepest boy you will ever meet. perfect in every way, he will also be very talented and sexy. a bryan is super hot all the time and super funny. he would do anything for his girlfriend, and love her in every possible way.
girl 1:omg that he's is so sweet

girl 2: well what did you expect he's bryan
by rae of sunshine November 07, 2013
A hot, caring, athletic guy who nice and trustworthy. Bryan's extreme level of hotness is above and beyond and a girl would be very lucky to have him.
"Bryan is sooooo hot!" person 1
"I know right!" person 2
"He is mine!" person 1
"NO! He's mine!" person 2
by person123456789012345 December 09, 2013
Sweet, caring, cute, dorky, and Squishy! He cute, he cute lol xD
Oh yeah he good at drawings and funny (: <3
Bryan you cute ^.^
by Dory(: April 23, 2013
The best guy in the world. Couragous, handsome, kind, caring, and the most funnyiest guy ever!
{me} Hey Sweetie how are you?
{bryan} Thinking of you honey
{me} aww your soo sweet!
by IloveBryan<3 January 13, 2012

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