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An amazing guy. He is tall, skinny but athletic. He has the greatest smile. He is that type of person that you can become friends with and he'll still be in your life, involved or not. A Bryan is funny, smart and loves sports. He has the brains but often puts it off. A Bryan is also has a special place in your heart, you will never understand why or how; he just is.

With relationships, Bryan is complicated. He wants a relationship but at the same time he is happy being single. Girls will have to do most of the chasing, for he is a little shy with girls.

Overall Bryan is amazing. I hope he will be able to know that he is so important to me.
I don't understand, Bryan is so amazing!
How so?
I don't even know...he just is!!
by LonelyGirl101 March 28, 2013
The kind of guy that can turn your worst day into your best day. The kind of guy that will be there for you no matter how big or small the situation. He's quiet, extremely smart, fun, and most of all he's the sweetest person you could ever meet. Looking at him will make your heart melt, holding his hand or hugging him will make you feel like the happiest person in the world, and kissing him is just pure heavenly bliss.
I love you Bryan.
by Reeseslover June 21, 2012
A Bryan is a hot guy that will love you with everything he has. Bryan's are funny, smart, caring, good at everything they do, have brown hair and brown eyes, the cutest dimples and an awesome body. They make wonderful husbands and fathers. A Bryan will dedicate his whole life to his wife and family and never ask for a thing in return except to be able to watch his sports uninterrupted. Bryan's are the most loyal husbands/boyfriends and will give their undivided attention to their girl. Bryan's make sure their girl knows they are the most beautiful ones in the world, never a shortage of compliments and will give their girl butterflies like no other. Bryan's are protective ofthe ones they love. They will fight for you. Do not get on the bad side of a Bryan, they will destroy you. Bryan's are awesome kissers and they know it. Once you kiss a BRyan you will be in love with him forever. Bryan's are awesome in bed, never selfish, always make sure their woman is satisfied before themselves. To be with a Bryan is comparable to being in heaven. If you get a chance to be with a Bryan, don't ever let go, you will be sorry.
Person 1: what is Bryan like?
Person 2: Bryan is an angel in a hot guys body
by Bryanlover January 18, 2014
Bryan -- a name meaning "bear". (Not a specific kind of bear, any will do.)

Bryan's also have crazy-awesome green eyes, and lust for juice, not soda.
Girl 1: Hey, is that Bryan?
Girl 2: Yeah, that's my Bry-Bear!
by unicorncupcake June 27, 2011
Bryan is the sweetest guy you will ever meet in your life. He is the kind of guy who likes everyone until they piss him off, which does not happen very often. Bryan's are usually blonde. They are extremely smart and athletic, but even though they are smart, they can not teach people to do things very well. Bryan's attempt to be funny, sometimes successful and sometimes not. They always love their girlfriends! Their girlfriends are usually Dirty Blondes with Green eyes and they have a nice body too! They are the kind of guy who will pay for you all the time wherever you go and will open the door for you too. He sometimes gets walked over because they usually have a lot of money and people want them to buy all of their stuff... especially their friends that are girls and it really pisses off Bryan's girlfriend because she thinks they are trying to flirt with her boyfriend and she gets very jealous but Bryan thinks it's cute, but she will beat your ass if you piss her off enough! Don't ever mess with Bryan's girlfriend!! He will beat your ass too if you mess with her! He absolutely loves her and would not trade her for anything in the world!!!! <3 Bryan's are absolutely sweet!!!
I don't know of an example because you can't describe bryan's!
by imtoosexyforyoutoknowme October 15, 2012
the hottest boy in the world. he is a funny, smart guy. that can trust you alot but can lose the trust once you mess up. very loving and cute boy who has style and can dance. also can be very romantic. he is a very fun guy who jokes around but knows when to get serious. short attention span. hates waiting for things. has a nick name for alot of poeple. likes to fight, can fight. likes to play fight. talktive. likes shoes. honest. loves gum. inquisitive. athletic. when he burps he says burp. likes money. helpful.
my boyfriendd named bryan :D
by flightlessbird2345 June 30, 2011
Bryan; A Sexy kid with long hair, beautiful green eyes, has great taste in clothes.
The bestest friend you can ever have, he is trustworthy, loyal, and he'll never break your heart.
He is funny, hilarious, but when needed to he can be serious.
He is a great companian, everybody loves a Bryan!
Girl 1:Hey are you going out with Bryan?
Girl 2:Yeah, he's great isn't he?<3
Girl 1:Yeah, I love those beautiful big green eyes, and his luscious long hair <3
by BryanAlexisLopezLopez November 18, 2011