A synonym of cool that was adopted by mostly by emo and scene kids, to describe things deemed interesting by them.
ex1: OMG did you just see that guy roundhouse kick that guy in the pit? It was so BRUTAL!

ex2: Oli Sykes is so brutal!
by beatdownXXXXXXXXX April 11, 2009
Being really bad at the current activity.
Did you see him lose the puck. That guy is brutal.
by hazy September 08, 2003
Adjective describing something which was or is exciting, good, bad or really hurt.
Also can be used to describe magnitude.
You just got fully brudalized! (when someone accidentally drops some of their sandwich)
Oh brutal! (when someone pegs a ball at you really fast)
'Brutally tons' means 'a lot'
by Luke October 15, 2003
Something that is sick or dope, but not limited to positive meaning. In street jive though, it is a description word of something that you like or enjoy.
Statement: Damn son. Those are some brutal kicks you flossin'.

Response: Naa Mean. (an appropriat response)
by Barry February 04, 2004
A word used to describe someone or something that is not normal or totally weird. Often used to describe extreme nerds.
Did you see that kid with his Nintendo DS walking down the hall in his Pokemon backpack. HES SO BRUTAL.
by TheBrutalKid February 18, 2010
brutal is the definition on a person who is well into hardcore.
cross between a chav and a goth, wears dunks (hightops), peircings, flesh tunnels, tatoos, not so much huge hair anymore and most of the time, the girls take part in rubish amature porn on myspace groups.
as we all know, the claw is far too over used by the brutal people and they have actually killed it.
the most anoying thing about brtual kids are they listen to heavy screaming music, and when it loses its "brutal value" (not hardcore enough) they'll rip the shit out of it even though they thought it was amazing a week ago.
then the music gets heavier and heavier till it turns into just basically noise.
"oh dear look at how brutal her peircings are!"

"sick! how big is your tunnel?"
"52 mate."
by kdaman October 27, 2008
1. adj. something pertaining to HXC,DGAF drug users
2. Hanna Brutal, crack whore
3. really dumb catch phrase
After dropping a tab Hanna would say "mann that shit is brutal!"
by Hanna Marie Enright May 17, 2008

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