The name given to someone whose surname is "brown". Brownies are generally fat gay bastards who stuff rake handles up their arses, and their main hobbies consist of raping OAP'S and drinking sweaty cum.

Brownie is also a word used to describe a penis that has recently been inserted into a man's anus, and comes out covered in shit.

2. "I got a huge brownie last night after I shit-shoved this rent-boy"
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by Dannybell1 November 07, 2007
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A dessert that consists of melted chocolate bars, cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, salt, baking soda, baking powder, and butter or margarine.
Mary that dessert looks delicious!
Yeah, Im eating a brownie!
Can I have some?
Sure Katie!
#dessert #chocolate #butter #margarine #sugar
by david faustino April 07, 2012
something thats very cool, hip, or awesome. We want brownies anytime, anyplace, anywhere. So if its that must be brownie.
Man, niagra falls is so brownie.


Wow if I got that car that would be brownie.


You know what would be brownie? If you banged Jessica Alba.
#brownknee #brownski #brownii #brownster #brownkee
by Sebastian123 October 11, 2009
A type of chocolate cake that usually has copious amounts of fudge included, making them richer and moister than ordinary cake.

A "special brownie" has no solid definition, but a hilarious connotation.
I like to eat brownies, they taste very good.

"Are those...Special brownies?"
"Yes. Yes they are. You want one?"
"Sure." *munches on it*
by Kenthar March 06, 2004
someone who acts really stupid, and someone who is an air head.
Boy: okay were gunna meet up at 5pm.
Airheard: wait, when are we gunna meet up?
Boy: your such a brownie
#brownie #stupid #dumb #airheard #lol
by roflcopterrrr1232453465 May 19, 2010
A loud mouth, obnoxious, prissy person who overall is annoying.
Hey bitch get out of that bad mood, you are being so brownie.
#annoying #obnoxious #prissy #brownie #awkward
by slappychappy04 June 24, 2012
UPS groupie
A brownie orders a package just to see the UPS delivery man.
#ups #groupie #delivery #package #special delivery
by UPSgroupiee August 06, 2015
Noun. This is a code word for shitting your trousers in the workplace. Generally employed in conversation when an unwanted third set of ears is present during a personal conversation about shitting your pants at work. The speaker will tactically say they "had a brownie" which means that they shit their pants accidentally while at work.
X: "Hey Jane, how's your morning been?"
Y: "Well it was going pretty good until around nine I had a brownie."
X: "Damn. A brownie?"
Y: "Yes I had a quart of Miller High Life last night during the game and a pot of coffee to on top of it this morning on the way to work. Sure as hell...that combo lead to my having a brownie when I got here."
#brownie #brownei #shart #sharting #shitting #shitting pants #shitting trousers #having a brownie #pooping your britches
by Kraut Stain April 23, 2010
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