Coined by John Edwards after Michael Brown, the head of FEMA when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. It refers to any political hack unqualified for their position.
No more Brownies! We need qualified people in government!
by Helen Katon August 28, 2007
something that is both funny and awesome.

The term "brownie" comes from something being both moist and sweet. The food item is both moist and sweet, so the term should be used to describe something similar.
"That speech he gave in class was sweet! He is so funny!"
"I know, it was totally brownie."
by Doran Uramesy September 28, 2005
verb form -- to fuck up royally
noun form -- a royal fuckup
Derives from the nickname George Bush has for FEMA director Mike Brown. Also takes some derivation from "brown eye."
Verb -- Boy, Bush sure brownied the relief effort after Hurricane Katrina.
Noun -- Ever since we elected that Bush, this country's been one big brownie.
by Jesus Stays Crunchy September 09, 2005
A nickname for guys who aren't exactly black but not white either. They're somewhere in between even though they look completely white, but likes the idea of being black.
Actual white person: Hey Brownie! what's up?

White person that thinks they're black: Yo son! wut up
by Whitie March 29, 2005
any indian person
brown people are da bomb
yo didju see that brownie mackin on ur girl?
by home-dog GhEE February 20, 2005
a persian guy. called "brownie" because of their brown skin color.
Jeremy (white guy): "hey! brownie!"
Katibian (persian guy): "you callin' me?" (except in Farsi)
by Fish Food October 26, 2004
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