The bro of all bros, A member of an Ultimate Bro-mance or Brown-ance, A nigga for life.
The nig is my Brownie!
Peace out, Brownie!
I love you Brownie!
by JayWeeWee December 04, 2011
A positive connotation for a brown person, usually female, of any hispanic or Asia Minor race. Not to be confused with the special brownie.

Brownies tend to have extremely long names, as corresponding with their heritage.

Almost always gorgeous.
Maria Simoné Rivadeneira Espinosa Moreira Silva is a brownie of hispanic descent.

Loku Buda Thurugay Sasanka Nilashi Jinadasa is a brownie of asia minor.
by lbtsnj March 24, 2010
Someone very beautiful.
The kind of person who will take your breath away.
Youd be like to know a Brownie.
Anyone who does, should be greatful.
Person 1: hey is that a Brownie?
Person 2: what the amazingly beautiful one?
Person 1: yeah

Person 2: Of course, no one else is that beautiful.
by unknownj123 February 14, 2010
A political appointee with no apparent qualification for his job except that he's a friend of a powerful politicain.
Former FEMA director Michael Brown. Nicked "Brownie" by George W. Bush.
Term was was coined by New York Times columnist Paul Krugman on Sep. 26, 2005
by FederalQ2b September 26, 2005
food good for munchies
yum yum
by jj April 11, 2003
A handjob, plain and simple
"Hannah, want to give me a brownie in the parking lot?"
"Sure Chance, lemme make sure I have some hand sanitizer."
by lollypoplover10 August 25, 2011
something that is both funny and awesome.

The term "brownie" comes from something being both moist and sweet. The food item is both moist and sweet, so the term should be used to describe something similar.
"That speech he gave in class was sweet! He is so funny!"
"I know, it was totally brownie."
by Doran Uramesy September 28, 2005

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