A racial slur uttered by canadians
jason fourtune: lorrianna and iesha are brownies
myself: F*** You
by Iesh April 18, 2012
An Indian person.
The Brownie came from India to work at a local gas station.
by Bobby Baltimore August 20, 2011
A positive connotation for a brown person, usually female, of any hispanic or Asia Minor race. Not to be confused with the special brownie.

Brownies tend to have extremely long names, as corresponding with their heritage.

Almost always gorgeous.
Maria Simoné Rivadeneira Espinosa Moreira Silva is a brownie of hispanic descent.

Loku Buda Thurugay Sasanka Nilashi Jinadasa is a brownie of asia minor.
by lbtsnj March 24, 2010
A girls club that is related to the girl guides.
"I got kicked out of boy scouts for eating a brownie."
by Douris2 August 16, 2006
a person (usually a desi) who is actually not that brown/ tan but stands out around white people.
usually very cool people who are fun to hang out with since they have great taste in fusion music and an amazing love of food.
they often are very dhrunk.
compare with DCBA & desi
i felt like a total brownie in vermont, the WHITE mountain state!
i have a feeling that if i go to russia i'll feel like a total brownie..
u will never get bored or hungry around a brownie!
by crookedplanks December 22, 2010
The term used by the Great Myron Cope to describe the Cleveland Brown football team.
The Brownies are really stinking up the joint today. The dawgpound always smells that way.
by JayBird36 July 29, 2006
Scenester/hipster townie. A female under the age of 30 involved in the local art and music scene, usually in the same town where she grew up. Has limited income and ambition besides dating guys in bands or record store clerks
That brownie's haircut is too Gen X for my taste. Then again, it takes a while for trends to pass in Baltimore
by friendsterfiend September 14, 2004

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