A variation of brown eye, i.e. an anus.
Did you hear about that porn version of I Am a Camera? It's called I Am a Brownie. I watched and Dorothy Parker's review for the original is appropriate: No Leica.
#brown eye #eyes without a face #cornhole #dirty back road #my sin
by fedallah December 28, 2011
A racial slur uttered by canadians
jason fourtune: lorrianna and iesha are brownies
myself: F*** You
#racisim #discrimicational slurs #racist #blacks #whites
by Iesh April 18, 2012
A positive connotation for a brown person, usually female, of any hispanic or Asia Minor race. Not to be confused with the special brownie.

Brownies tend to have extremely long names, as corresponding with their heritage.

Almost always gorgeous.
Maria Simoné Rivadeneira Espinosa Moreira Silva is a brownie of hispanic descent.

Loku Buda Thurugay Sasanka Nilashi Jinadasa is a brownie of asia minor.
#latina #sri lankan #indian #woman #sexy lady
by lbtsnj March 24, 2010
A girls club that is related to the girl guides.
"I got kicked out of boy scouts for eating a brownie."
#guides #cubs #scouts #clubs #organizations
by Douris2 August 16, 2006
An Indian person.
The Brownie came from India to work at a local gas station.
#indian #brown #fob #asian #india
by Bobby Baltimore August 20, 2011
Someone very beautiful.
The kind of person who will take your breath away.
Youd be like to know a Brownie.
Anyone who does, should be greatful.
Person 1: hey is that a Brownie?
Person 2: what the amazingly beautiful one?
Person 1: yeah

Person 2: Of course, no one else is that beautiful.
#beautiful #amazing #blue eyed #brown hair #great bum.
by unknownj123 February 14, 2010
The term used by the Great Myron Cope to describe the Cleveland Brown football team.
The Brownies are really stinking up the joint today. The dawgpound always smells that way.
#brownie bag #football #cleveland #cope #browns
by JayBird36 July 29, 2006
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