A very hot mexican girl
Suzy is sure fine. She's a real brownie!
by Rickles55 May 02, 2008
a brownie that has coke or crack mixed into the dought
yo i need to get high pass me a brownie
by jovany August 04, 2007
beer bottle, a full bottle of beer.
"hey shorty don't go twistin' the head of brownie widdout me"
by douris99 August 10, 2006
Marijuana baked into a brownie.
I got fuckin stoned eatin some brownies. Hash brownies Marijuana brownies.
by cav1 September 19, 2005
A brown person. Not to be confused with darkie.
Amongst friends: What's up brownie? Not much man, just chillin.
by ArunK May 04, 2005
A nickname for guys who aren't exactly black but not white either. They're somewhere in between even though they look completely white, but likes the idea of being black.
Actual white person: Hey Brownie! what's up?

White person that thinks they're black: Yo son! wut up
by Whitie March 29, 2005
A blunt full oy the goodnes.
Let's smoke a brownie.
by Dat Nigga January 14, 2005

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