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used to be a colour but now is a blanket term for anyone with brownish skin (teenagers use it to describe southern asians, middle easterns and in some cases people from the Caribbean). It is also a common misconseption that brown people are all terrorists. Many people are surprised to know this is not true.

Not racist, unless used excessively, then it gets annoying

"Man, Ahmad is one brown son of a bitch"

Ahmad: "brap! you know it!"
by Double A Arab December 02, 2007
9 13
Common UK slang term for Heroin.
by deadwood August 01, 2003
876 304
an East Indian person
That was her brown boyfriend Sanjay
by mia December 28, 2002
938 560
1.) A person with brown skin. sumtimes south asian(indian - like moi)
2.) famous mainly b/c of the UPS add. "what can brown do for you?" (ma personal motto)
I was made in India, therefore I am brown.
by injun February 27, 2005
513 359
The people, or anything pertaining to those of South Asian/Middle Eastern Decent.

Because of the many countries that litter South Asia and the Middle East, the term 'brown' is used in teenage circles as a blanket term. (One thing in common of people of these origin is their brownish-reddish-tan skin.)

Not a racial slur. (in most cases)
"That kid isn't spanish--he's BROWN."
"I'm going to the mall with all my brown friends."
by Brown Boy March 08, 2005
378 270
"Brown" can mean quite a few things in the world of Ween. But for now, we'll just say it represents something that is fairly bodacious.
Did you hear that new Ween album? It's totally brown.
by Eric Hauge April 23, 2003
180 107
slang term for black tar heroin.
What can BROWN do for you- UPS commercial adapted for junkies ode to heroin.
by Shabaho Jones February 04, 2004
276 214
An Ivy Leage University in the US.
I was planning on going to Brown but changed my mind and went to Princeton.
by Jaelle August 18, 2008
88 61