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Another word to describe someone as big, strong or muscular.

"I'm bear hench"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah i'm the henchest"
by Henry O'Connor June 13, 2003
London slang.
1) someone strong- looking, or muscular. Specifically appearance DO NOT get confused with if they be strong, but don't look it.
2) someone you wouldnt wanna mess with
3) huge
1) to hench: to muscle someone out, push them aside, beat them in a fight.
"look at that bodyguard, he's so fuckin hench"
"that car is hench. you could fit Pavarotti in there"
you push someone out of a queue to get to the front and they do shit about it.
"man got henched! shame!"
by Judge Fudge December 14, 2004
1.Big or bulky, in physical appearance.


3.Describing an object/body part as being big.
Mary: What you up to Jack?
Jack: Im looking for things on google.
Mary: Like what, Jack?
Jack: Err... like Hench Cock.
(Mary Smiles)

Look at the size of that immense vein on his hench cock.

Woahh, That Gay Mans Hench. wonder how how "hench" his Cock is!
by Peter Crotch November 18, 2006
Looking large, bold, strong, toned, muscular and ridiculously beastly.
The heavyweight Christopher James Blunt is an example of the word 'hench', with lustrious abs, pecks and jaw lines.

An antonym would we be lightweight or 'weedy' - a used example would be 'Samuel Kamel Hassan is weedy, like his featherweight compatriot David Shera'.
by WHUFC December 06, 2010
Derived from Henchman i.e. think of The Kingpin from the Marvel comic series, the fat headed white breed or rare bear may be considered "hench" per se, because apparently, as he says and I quote "over 90% of my body is comprised of pure muscle mwuahahahahah". And yeah that's the only vice the guy has, that he's a giant fat head with a freakish amount of muscle hanging off of his bones. A hench someone is someone considered very large and extremely dangerous i.e. Mongo from Blazing Saddles, Goldberger from Stir Crazy or any bouncer you'll see at a respectable club, though most of the guys are over-reactive idiots, nay isotopes of idiots - a rare fucking breed.
Oh check out Bazza the doorman, isn't he a hench one. Boys, I bet that with four of us we can chav tag-team this big ugly fucker and then happy slap him on our phones which we can never tell apart because we're not sure which are coming or going, but I have an incling that the guy will show me the lining of my rib cage before I'll ever take him down so maybe I'll just wait until the guy gets a dodgey knee or something.
by Robert Head April 04, 2007
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