A screamo/hiphop/rock band. People-Corrections- Low lifes need to stop picking on them because it is a waste of time. They are a great band to me and many other people. Whether you like it or not, I am sure you would not want people picking on you. Be happy we even have music. If this was the only type of music alive, then you would have to deal with it.
"Oh, my God, Betty-Lou did you hear of BrokeNCYDE? They're terrible!" "Shut up Bobbah-Lou! If you were them you wouldn't want to be picked on now would you!? Get a life. Music is great, and so is BrokeNCYDE. Well to me it is." "Fine. Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! I'm sorry!"
by xXForgottenXx June 05, 2009
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An emo/punk/screamo band from New Mexico. Despite all of the haters - and there are a lot of haters - Brokencyde (pronounced bro-ken-side) make a lot of really catchy lyrics. Some of their songs are quite dark: I'm Sorry and Monster Inside Me. But others are just party songs: Tipsy, Get Crunk, Booty Call, etc. Then there are the occasional few that are totally hilarious: Blame It On Tom, Blue Steel and True Love. The band are pretty much despised but are very misunderstood. The music isn't there to offend, just to be heard. Also, Se7en is the best screamer ever.
Bob: Hey have you heard Brokencyde's new album?
Bill: Yes! It slays!
by Ellen28 January 27, 2010
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An albuquerque band KNown for their contrevesal lyrics and the false claims by mothers against brokencyde Genre(screamo/Rap) Cds Im not a fan but the kids like it with a single booty call featuring E-40 Not liked by many but the fans they do have a insanely devoted
Brokencyde is Similar to the millionairs and blood on the dance floor
by E-40bby January 20, 2010
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The worlds best band ever. A Mix of Crunk and screamo.
Band members:


Phat J

an American crunkcore musical group from Albuquerque, New Mexico, founded in 2006.
Guy: Dude, have you heard the band BrokenCyde?

Guy 2: No. Who are they?

Guy: The Greatest band on the earth. check em' out.

Guy 2: *listens to them* Dayum, They are awesome!
by freaxxx:3 January 06, 2010
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four guys- se7en, antz, mikl, and phat j- who are commonly hated for their music: crunk they are very widely despised, called homo/metrosexuals, are told they go out to an emo or emofag audience. what some fans of brokencyde question is why people hate them. well, because, while their music is offensive to many, a lot of people still enjoy their crunk-core sound.

don't hate on them just because their famous for being infamous. they never did anything to you so stop bitching.
A:"I hate brokencyde. They f**king suck ass."

"A lot of people still like them. And your favorite band might suck too so why the hell are you complainting about f**king brokeNCYDE?"

B:"brokencyde are fags"

"noo, you're just saying that 'cuz you hate them so stfu."
by brokESCAPExxx August 16, 2009
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A growing musical group with a growing fan base that appeals to a generally small demographic, mostly emo and goth types. Heavily ridiculed by the general public for their radically different sounding music which includes heavy screamo and techno sounds. Sounds bad recorded, but much better live.
"Hey have you heard BrokenCYDE?"

"Yeah dude, it sucks, how is that even music?"

"I thought so too until I saw them in concert. They actually weren't that bad."
by geckoman343 June 23, 2009
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A band that's music is a mixture of Crunkcore, rap, hip-hop, and screamo. The band members names being Mikl, Se7en, Antz, and Phat J. They write music to make people happy and they care most about pleasing their fans. They don't give a shit what haters thing. They say "Keep on hatin, but if you don't like it don't listen to it mayne." In my opinion they are one of the best bands in the world they consider themselves a family btw.
Thomas: Hey man.

Ryan: Hey mayne waz up?

Thomas: Nothin much what did you just say?

Ryan: What Mayne? Yeah I learned it from Brokencyde!

Thomas: What's Brokencyde?

Ryan: My favorite band here wait I'll let you listen to them. (Takes out ipod and put an ear bud in Thomas's ear)

Thomas: Oh My fuck there great i'm so getting there songs on my Ipod when I get home. What did you say there name was?

Ryan: Brokencyde!
by ashellnic January 02, 2012
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