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The act of having a penis inserted into your ear.
1. "Holy shit, my grandma died last night"
"Really? I got brokencyded last night"
"Oh man, I'm so sorry."

2. "Did you hear about Jerry?"
"He's in hospital, yeah? The old brokencyde again."
"It pierced his brain. He spent all day yesterday telling me how much of a musical genius Chad Kroeger is."
by Ihatebadmusic January 25, 2009
Brokencyde is possibly one of the worst bands ever. People don't know how that noise they make is even considered music.
Dude, I hear she likes Brokencyde.

Brokencyde sucks, I don't even know how they can be considered music.
by Schazam the Man March 11, 2009
Music so bad, it has become the universal standard for bad music:

The band that always wins the "what is the worst shit-ass music ever created by man" argument. Everyone thinks that they know horrible music, but upon subjugation to the "freaxx" youtube video, Brokencyde unanimously decides the debate.

It is now the gold standard to which all unbelievably shitty music is to be compared.
<SH>: Oh man, you should have heard this terrible fucking band this emofag was playing in his car. I mean worst music EVER
(creates jerking motion with hand)

<JA>: Oh yeah? Listen to this.
(finds Brokencyde on youtube)

<SH>: god.
(loses faith in humanity)
by Fucknspend March 28, 2009
A band so horrible, they make deaf people cry. If it's a joke, I don't get it. If it's legit, I certainly don't get it.
"Do you like Brokencyde?"
"What's to like?"
by theguywhohatesbrokencyde April 13, 2009
A group of individuals with questionable intelligence, tallent and reason to live that have sucessfully turned the expression 'chicken scratch' into an audible noise.

Their 'music' (insert joke) relates primarily to the sheep-like, mongroll race of mamal decribed as emo's.

Frequent remarks that can be heard following the discovery of such hillarious bahhuuullshhiiitt!.. are as followed:-

1) OH MY JESUS LORD they make soulja boy look like a lyrical god!
2) I want to emigrate (those hailing from the states.. thank fuck I don't live there but no offense, I feel your pain)
3) Suicide may actually be the answer, though I fear death won't take THIS pain away.
4) Fuck-it.. lets give it a go anyway.. kill me, kill me now!
5) If there is a God.. fuuuk me he must be a merciful one.
6) Ahhh that's what the living result of beastiality is..

.. and I could go on but it'd only give them more publicity, increase my blood pressure, break my threshold for laughter orrr lead to future impotency.

Imagine four things plus one other thing from Albuquerque New Mexico, USA.. jacking each other off so hard skin has begun to tear.. throw in a few mindless word combos AND a few carefully selected samples from techno, pop, crunk lil jon shit, emo, screamo, fagboygirl, scenekid music.. subsequentially record that shit.. play it to a record label, get signed.. and whaalaa! you have BROKENCYDE!
by LordDICKHEAD! April 25, 2009

Music that makes you really question society and how stupid kids are; The art of getting ear-raped; People that just need to get the fuck out.
Josh: Dude I just got brokencyded.

Kyle: Man i'm so sorry. I think your ears are bleeding.

Josh: Don't worry I did that, the sounds were unbearable.
by Awesomemangos June 16, 2009
brokencyde are completly and and truly shit
i dont know who the singer thinks he is his lyrics are shit
bree bree WTF
by shadowkiller56 August 20, 2009
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