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When someone has been taking drugs for so long that their brain is fried and they look like a washed up junkie. Not to be confused with stoners.
John: Hey man, the other day I ran into that guy Joe who we went to school with.
Jack: Oh yeah, how is he?
John: Not too good. He's totally drug-fucked.
Jack: That sucks.
by Ellen28 January 16, 2010
An emo/punk/screamo band from New Mexico. Despite all of the haters - and there are a lot of haters - Brokencyde (pronounced bro-ken-side) make a lot of really catchy lyrics. Some of their songs are quite dark: I'm Sorry and Monster Inside Me. But others are just party songs: Tipsy, Get Crunk, Booty Call, etc. Then there are the occasional few that are totally hilarious: Blame It On Tom, Blue Steel and True Love. The band are pretty much despised but are very misunderstood. The music isn't there to offend, just to be heard. Also, Se7en is the best screamer ever.
Bob: Hey have you heard Brokencyde's new album?
Bill: Yes! It slays!
by Ellen28 January 27, 2010

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