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When one hangs out with his bros rather than doing work.
I should probably be studying for finals but I'm brocrastinateing.
by jmac720 December 26, 2008
15 1
To play beer pong and/or otherwise bro out when you have homework that you should be doing.
I was going to write my essay, but then I decided to crack a couple of nattys and brocrastinate.
by Dr.Potatoes September 26, 2010
7 1
The action done by a bro when putting off work.
Bro #1: Dude did you do the History Summary Brah?

Bro #2: Nah man I was chillin, watched White Castle while jerking off and playing few pong rounds.

Bro #3: You are the Brocrastinate Master
by IBrock February 23, 2011
5 1