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Procrastinating with your bros.
"Dude I can't help it because I just keep brocrastinating...my bros haven't finished their essay yet, either, brosk. I really need to stop with all of this brocrastination."
by jtregoat September 15, 2008
Procrastination with yo bros
Brocrastination involves a group of bros communally procrastinating.
by calzonish April 29, 2009
putting off a pre-planned bro's night out to hand out with a girlfriend, wife, etc.
Phone Conversation:

Bro #1 : Hey, we're coming to pick you up, remember it's our best friend Dan's birthday and The Wu-Tang Clan are playing tonight! We also got a giftcard for free shots for life from our favorite bar!

Bro #2 : Sorry man, I think I'm gonna just have a quiet night with the wife...

Bro #1 : That's straight up brocrastination man, not cool!
by toafuckingdogpound January 09, 2010
When a girl delays a sex change operation.
Eve's brocrastination lasted for 4 months before becoming Steve.
by travlax April 22, 2009