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Procrastinating with your bros.
"Dude I can't help it because I just keep bros haven't finished their essay yet, either, brosk. I really need to stop with all of this brocrastination."
#brosky #procrastination #brosk #bro #bros
by jtregoat September 15, 2008
Procrastination with yo bros
Brocrastination involves a group of bros communally procrastinating.
#procrastination #brocrastination #bros #crass #turbo tax
by calzonish April 29, 2009
putting off a pre-planned bro's night out to hand out with a girlfriend, wife, etc.
Phone Conversation:

Bro #1 : Hey, we're coming to pick you up, remember it's our best friend Dan's birthday and The Wu-Tang Clan are playing tonight! We also got a giftcard for free shots for life from our favorite bar!

Bro #2 : Sorry man, I think I'm gonna just have a quiet night with the wife...

Bro #1 : That's straight up brocrastination man, not cool!
#brobortion #bro #procrastination #brocrastinator #brodem
by toafuckingdogpound January 09, 2010
When a girl delays a sex change operation.
Eve's brocrastination lasted for 4 months before becoming Steve.
#transvestite #real world #buffalo bill #sex change #plastic surgery.
by travlax April 22, 2009
Procrastination with your BFF or Brother. Normally used in hidden chats or in term of real life.
Brocrastination is the best kind of Laziness
by SketchySlicer December 16, 2015
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