A person who has the ability to have multiple women fall in love with you despite the fact that you are completely odd.
Girl 1 "zoe i think i'm in love with that guy"
Girl 2 "urgh but hes so odd he must be a broad!"
by Gainis May 02, 2010
1930's term common among butchers, referring to a piece of meat with a hole in it.
That broad's got a sweet rack.
by pjama February 16, 2007
An offensive word for a woman. But it's better than cunt or bitch or hoe or whatever other word bitter bastards call the women they can't get with.
Yo man, your mother is a broad. No wait she's a filthy cunt who 3 guys ass raped last night. Kind of like what your dad did to you when you were 7.
by u suk u idiot August 25, 2006
A useless piece of meat with a hole in it
by A.Dangles February 19, 2009
Broad is a combination of two words, to describe a woman. Bitch and Fraud.
That broad is only after your money.

I would not let that broad near my wallet.
by Pakalechi September 02, 2006
a butchers term for a slab of meat with a hole in it.
men use it to classify women
"check out those broads over there"
by KBonifacio October 27, 2008
Female, usually refering to a prostitute or easy lay.
Leave the old man with his broad.
by Gumba Gumba April 10, 2004

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