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a "phoney" person. The person is of being phoney.
Jus: shodi is a motha fuckin fugaisy
by Jus2Quicke January 05, 2006
A word that shows how much cofidence you have. The term could also could be of egotistical. Another way of saying to people "he/she likes me a lot". Refered when talking about your self or someone else.
Britt: You Aint Nuffin Boy
Jus: Shoot you crazy. I'm like raw cocaine, put in a pot with water and soda and thrown on flames.
Britt: So
Jus:What came out was me, yes, Crack In Flesh, at its best.
by Jus2Quicke January 04, 2006
A female. A girl. A person of the female species.
Jus: lil shodi lookin good and i'm thinkin bout gettin at her.
Chris: Den go do ya thing boy. Go get that broad.
by Jus2Quicke January 05, 2006
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